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11 Square Feet Natural Vent Freestanding Wood Pellets Stove

11 Square Feet Natural Vent Freestanding Wood Pellets Stove

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【VEVOR Portable Camping Wood Stove】 Your ultimate outdoor heating companion, equipped with a 1400in³ large-capacity firebox for efficient heating. The damper and ventilation hole design ensures simple smoke and fire control, allowing you to fully enjoy the camping experience without the hassle of smoke.


  • 1400in³ Firebox: Experience quick and long-lasting heating with our high-capacity firebox. No need to constantly add firewood. Equipped with a damper and ventilation holes, it allows easy fire and smoke control. The integrated ashtray ensures effortless cleaning.
  • Efficient Secondary Combustion: Continuous airflow through the ventilation holes ensures higher wood combustion rates, reducing ash production while efficiently providing quick heat.
  • 9 Accessories Included: The entire unit and accessories weigh only 26.7 lbs, including a rain cap, stove bag, protective gloves, chimney pipe and fire hook. Easy assembly and disassembly allow you to enjoy lightweight camping pleasure.
  • 3 mm Reinforced Panels: Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel, our wood burning stove can withstand high temperatures and rough outdoor conditions. The 3 mm / 0.12" thick panels prevent deformation even when carrying heavy objects, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • 3 Security Features: The tent wood stove features a US Forest Paint coating process, ensuring odorless heating and cooking. Made with alloy steel, it is rust-resistant. The Japanese NEG fireplace glass provides clear visibility of the fire's intensity.
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